Samstag, 12. Dezember 2015

Grand Illusion, Allietare Teil 1 und Allietare Teil 2

Punktladung: Genau am Freitag, 27. 11.,  als Bonnie Hunter den ersten Clue für ihren neuen Mystery Quilt veröffentlichte, wurde mein Grand Illusion Quilt fertig. 

Precise timing: exactly on Friday, November 27, when Bonnie Hunter released the first clue of her new mystery, I finished my Grand Illusion Quilt. Colour to brighten a dull and grey November day!

Grand Illusion Quilt

Auf ins neue Vergnügen. Allietare Mystery Teil 1:

Joining the fun again, Allietare Mystery part 1:

Allietare Mystery 1

I'm particularly fond of the shirt neutrals (second from top in the two right columns). They are from outgrown shirts from my boys which they wore on special days in their life. The blue on white in the second colum from the right is from a leftover piece of fabric my sister used to sew a blouse for my mum. Feels good to include family memories!

Allietare Mystery 2
More memories in the lower right corner: the blue fabric had a unhappy (because unworn) first life as boys' shirt (boy was too cool for proper shirts at that time), the flowery neutral is from the 1970s. I don't know what it was bought for, but my mum made a pantskirt for my doll out of tiny leftovers.

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Eine Kollegin vermachte mir einige alte Hemden, als kleines Dankeschön (und Ermunterung, weiterhin alte Sachen an mich zu spenden ;-) ), nähte ich daraus diese Tasche für sie:

A colleague asked, if I could have any use for some of her old shirts for my sewing. Of course I could! To say thank you (and to encourage future donations ;-) ), i made her this tote bag (pattern):



  1. I like your Grand Illusion in blue. Allietare in blue will be great to o.

  2. Congratulations on your Grand Illusion finish! I like what you did with the centres, turning them into "square in a square" blocks.

    How wonderful to have special fabrics from your boys' clothes in your new mystery!

  3. Congrats on your grand illusion finish. I gifted mine to my DIL. Can't wait to hear how she likes it. And I love your scrappy colors in Allietare step two. Happy stitching!

  4. Wonderful fabric choices, this will be lovely!